I have been told I am one of the best connectors of people. With over thirty years in the sport and wellness industry, my network is wide. When you include this professional network with living in the same beach community outside of Los Angeles all these years, vast connections happen. I also am a good listener. I hear people’s stories, and everyone has a story, and it reminds me of another person with a similar story and I can’t help but want these people to meet and work together. I’ve been fortunate to work with CEOs and executives at some of the most highly regarded sporting goods and apparel companies in the world, but I also know young artists and yoga instructors who have a vision and a spark. It’s my goal to blend these worlds and bring everyone together in a mutually beneficial working relationship. That’s what I do.

Let’s connect.

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It is fulfilling to be able to share my experience and relationships in the sport and wellness industry with others in need of guidance. Whether you want to collaborate or strategize on a project, I am available. I am proud of the teams and partnerships I helped build and draw on these experiences daily. I am grateful for a career that allowed me to combine my love of sport and creative expression with my love of helping people fulfill their dreams in this amazing industry. Let’s figure out the best way to work together.

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Everyone needs to start somewhere. I started out in college answering customer service calls and after many years of hard work, gradually progressed to senior leadership levels. My success certainly didn’t happen overnight. What better way to pay it forward than to work with today’s good-intentioned youth and help them find their way.  As a girl I had hoped to teach, and I am still most happy when I am either learning something new or sharing those learnings. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than mentoring both upcoming women and men. I have two millennial-minded sons and have been surrounded around this mentality personally and professionally. I am so impressed with their shifted mindset and hope to guide this generation and channel their energy. I love being “Mama Karen” and will continue to do this as the company founder of The Kare N Connection. I have found that caring in connection is the foundation for success and fulfillment in life. Let’s share this journey.

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~Mindfully Leading with Heart & Soul~

“The moment we consciously care and truly connect, the possible begins!” This is my mantra. These are not just words I throw around casually, but words I live by, every day. I believe connecting starts with self-care and allows you to be available to connect with those you love. I believe kindness really is magic. When one comes from a place of love, caring and kindness, it’s possible to achieve your professional and personal goals.

I see so clearly now the traits that are important to create a healthy work environment. I have been using my head, heart and instincts my whole life -- they have guided me through my career and I know first-hand what it feels like to work hard and lead a team to success as well as the feelings of “burn out” when I didn’t take care of myself. I want to share my life lessons through the Kare N Connection. My whole life I have been described as “caring” and “kind” and now I see these traits as essential when action and productivity needs to happen especially in today’s uncertain times.


Next Steps

Let's connect and see how I can help you or your company. I can assist with finding quality people willing to learn and grow your company with strong ethics and values, strategize and create new ways of leading on a project and or give guidance to you or your team by sharing my story and experience .